Dick Sine's Bighorn & Western RR


ScaleLayout Owner Layout Name 
HODick Sine Bighorn & Western RR, Western Div. 
SizeMainline TrackScenery %EraControl
1500 sq ft272'100%%1970DC Block Control
No. OperatorsRigorPace of OperationTone
12 - 15Attempts at prototype operationsSequential operation w/ standard clockAttempts to evoke specific era/time
Dispatch Method Communications Car Forwarding
Dispatcher Maxon/Realistic 5 channel radios Car card and Waybill
Layout Description
Located in western Wyoming and eastern Idaho, the Bighorn & Western RR is a bridge railroad. You will see some Union Pacific passing through. BH&W hauls Lumber, Coal, General Merchandise, Soda Ash, Petroleum, and Passenger
Soda Springs Turn' is the most challenging train.
Dick says, "I painted all backdrops, made all the pine trees, signal towers, yard lights, Coalmont street lights. Built some craftsman buildings, modified some, and some from scratch. I have buildings lit by LED's and incandescent bulbs. I designed and painted all Bighorn and some UP engines and some passenger cars. I painted a set of Katy engines. I also painted lots of equipment for other model railroaders. I tried to put a little humor in some of the names of business, slogans, etc." The layout is operated as a point-to-point, but has continuous running capabilities. White stub post are located along the track at the separation of blocks. (Please do not pass into the next block until cleared by the dispatcher or you have a green signal.) For signals that have 2 heads, the top is for the main line and the bottom for sidings